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Inter Island

We understand that moving between the North and South Islands can be stressful exercise.

If you're moving to another town in the South Island our Trucks will make sure your necessary pick-up and delivery dates are on time. Our Trucks are all purpose-built and carpet lined for the utmost safety of your furniture.

If you want you can pack your own goods, or we can provide you with a professional packing service.

Your quote is specially tailored to suit your needs.

There are no hidden costs.

Our friendly experienced team organises every facet of your move.

Your goods are labeled, itemized, uplifted and safely secured on our trucks.

We deliver at your new home anywhere from 3-7 days from pick up, pre-determined by your specific requirements.

Interisland Ferry charges, Transit Insurance are all inclusive in your price.

For your no-obligations free quote or please contact one of our friendly professional team.


Inter-Island and Inter-City


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